On the first day of fighting game event The Fall Classic 2017 -- held in North Carolina, US -- Tekken 7 delivered an incredibly memorable moment. Fighting to secure a place in the top 8 of the competition, Joey Fury and BrawlPro -- two top level American players -- fought it out over a must-watch best of three set. But it was the very first match that produced something really special.

With Joey Fury playing as Jack and BrawlPro using King, the match was tied at two rounds apiece. Things were already tense thanks to Joey Fury making a convincing comeback, but the hype exploded when, on the final round, the game entered slow motion as both players went in for a finishing blow. The result was a double KO.

Double KOs are rare enough as it is, but to see one in competitive tournament play right at the end of a match is downright crazy. As per official Tekken 7 tournament rules, however, the match counted as a no-win draw, and the set had to be started over. 

The Fall Classic 2017 finals are happening later today at 19:00 Eastern time / 00:00 UK time. You can tune in over on twitch.tv/tekken.

Anyway, you can catch the whole set above thanks to YouTube user MELOO. Give it a watch and let us know if can feel the hype in the comments section below.