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With Final Fantasy IX's PlayStation 4 port making waves earlier this week when it was announced and released all within the space of a few hours, now's as good a time as any to roll out this inevitable poll. Originally launching on the PSone at the very end of the console's life, Final Fantasy IX is considered by many to be the best game in the series -- a prime example of a title that was developed by a studio at the peak of its powers.

But is it really the best Final Fantasy game? Few franchises have so many incredible titles under their name, so singling out just one game in particular is always going to be difficult. Still, we want to know what you think. Is Final Fantasy IX the best of the bunch? Have you bought the re-release on PS4? Are you enjoying it? Have your say in our polls, and then embark on a grand adventure in the comments section below.

Have you purchased Final Fantasy IX on PS4? (164 votes)

  1. Yes, darn right I have34%
  2. Nah, but I may buy it later down the line47%
  3. No, I'm not interested20%

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Is Final Fantasy IX on PS4 your first time playing the game? (166 votes)

  1. Yes, I've never played it until now13%
  2. No, I've played it before72%
  3. Never played it before and I'm not playing it now15%

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Is Final Fantasy IX the best Final Fantasy? (170 votes)

  1. Yes, it is the best24%
  2. Not quite, but it's one of the best44%
  3. Meh, it's okay, nothing amazing11%
  4. No, it's one of the worst3%
  5. I've never played it19%

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