Now this is a pretty juicy rumour - especially if you're a fan of No Man's Sky. Cast your mind back to the time just after the game launched, and you'll probably remember all that outrage regarding the title's lack of multiplayer. Players tried to meet up with each other within the virtual universe, but it turned out that the release didn't actually support any kind of direct player-to-player interaction, despite developer Hello Game's insinuations that No Man's Sky featured a shared universe.

Jump forward to the present day, and some fans believe that multiplayer is finally heading to No Man's Sky. An alternate reality game called Waking Titan is essentially a weird marketing campaign for the intergalactic title, and those who have been keeping on top of its somewhat cryptic messaging have come up with a load of different theories on what it may eventually be leading to,

We'd be here all day going over every single detail, so we'll try to keep this short. The video that we've embedded above is actually taken from a Twitch stream to do with Waking Titan. It's strange and doesn't really make much sense, but the gist of it is that 10,000 Waking Titan players will receive a "level 4 Atlas pass" which will allow them to take part in something that begins on the 21st July.

Many believe that this "pass" will actually be a closed beta invite, and the existence of a beta generally suggests some sort of online functionality is in the works. And so, we reach the guesswork conclusion that No Man's Sky is being prepped for multiplayer. To be fair, the whole thing seems reasonable, but as with anything of this nature, we'd recommend keeping your expectations in check.

As we reported earlier, an update for No Man's Sky is supposedly dropping next month. The update was also teased via Waking Titan, so all of this may well be connected. In any case, are you still playing No Man's Sky? Would the introduction of multiplayer pull you back in? Journey to the stars in the comments section below.