The long rumoured hero that was officially announced to be the 25th character to hit Overwatch earlier this month has finally launched on the PlayStation 4. You are now able to download a small patch that will add Doomfist into the game; he will not be available in Competitive play for another week to allow users time to get a feel for playing as and against him. 

Doomfist comes equipped with many different abilities all revolving around his fists: he can uppercut his enemies into the air, follow up by slamming them to the ground, or just straight up smash them into a wall with his hefty hands. If all else fails then he also has a shotgun built into his knuckles; you can check out a trailer for him above.

Are you looking forward to pounding people online with your fists? Are you going to be rekindling your love for Overwatch now there's a new character? Or have you had enough of Blizzard's team shooter? Let us know in the comments below.