Very few people care about Agents of Mayhem -- we know that by taking one look at the traffic it brings in for this site. It's one of those games that just can't seem to get a foothold no matter how hard it tries, a bit like Battleborn. Now, we don't want Agents of Mayhem to flop -- it could end up being an amazing game for all we know -- but it's marketing such as this that really seems like a nail in the commercial coffin.

Basically, the title's teamed up with adult video site YouPorn in order to promote the release with a seriously unfunny clip. We've embedded the YouTube version above, while the "uncensored" version exists on the aforementioned bastion of carnal desires. No, we're not going to link to it here, but it's essentially the exact same video anyway. Don't go expecting any extra titillation if you do go tracking it down, you dirty git.

Agents of Mayhem launches next month, but will it have any impact whatsoever? We're going to say... Probably not.