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We reckon Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy looks the biz, but what does Naughty Dog think of the upcoming collection? For those who perhaps don't know, the studio behind the Uncharted games started on its path to greatness by creating the original Crash Bandicoot titles on PSone. Naturally, we're all interested in hearing what the team has to say about Vicarious Visions' remakes.

"Through Sony, Naughty Dog has seen and played the games at a few different stages," producer Kara Massie told Metro. "We’ve had feedback from them, and overwhelming it’s been positive. They’re very, very impressed, and quite touched, that we’re doing right by their original games." Getting the nod from the creators? Sounds good to us.

Massie also says that Vicarious Visions now has more respect than ever for the Crash trilogy after reworking them for the modern age: "When we started we knew that these were iconic games, we loved them as well – we had strong memories of playing them – but through the course of development we realised just how much work went into them. The original dev team really brought everything to these games; it’s no wonder they’re so great."

All of this bodes well for the finished release, doesn't it? The N. Sane Trilogy hits Sony's current-gen console at the end of the month, but are you spinning with excitement? Hunt down some crystals in the comments section below.