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Sony’s weighed in once again on the early success of the Nintendo Switch, stressing that it believes the increased presence in the space is a “good thing”. PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan spoke earnestly about the positive reception the hybrid hardware has received, noting that it’s “great” for the medium as a whole.

“It creates conversation, it creates excitement – and certainly having a rejuvenated and energetic Nintendo back is a great thing for the industry,” he said in an interview with GameReactor. “Our industry is better and stronger when Nintendo is strong – I really believe that.”

Asked about the Xbox One X, Ryan was complimentary of the console, but doesn’t think Microsoft will have an easy ride: “We’ll have been in the market for a year with the PS4 Pro, and that’s selling faster than we’d anticipated – one in five consoles sold since we introduced the PS4 Pro has been a PS4 Pro, so we’re really happy with that. History tells us that when they’re at a [significant price] disadvantage it’s not easy for them – particularly in Europe.”