Matterfall was given a very brief spotlight during Sony's pre-conference E3 show. The gameplay trailer shown off gave us a glimpse of what to expect from Housemarque's latest, but it perhaps didn't get across the structure of the game itself.

In the video above, however, IGN speaks with associate producer Jari Hokkanen while brand new gameplay plays underneath. The new footage gives us a far better grasp of what to expect, and it's typically explosive stuff. The sidescrolling twin stick shooter incorporates platforming elements in addition to the barrage of baddies, and saving humans also returns from the likes of Resogun. You'll also be manipulating areas of blue matter in your quest for a high score, whilst avoiding deadly red matter. The level on show seems to be generously checkpointed, though, so the margin for error looks to be a little bigger than in some of Housemarque's previous games.

It recalls games such as Megaman and, as Jari points out, Gunstar Heroes. Despite a slightly reduced pace, all the hallmarks of a Housemarque arcade game appear to be present and correct.

Will you be gunning down robots in Matterfall come 15th August? Are you excited for two Housemarque games in the space of two months? Shoot down to the comments section and let us know.