No, you didn't dream it - a Monster Hunter game really is coming to PlayStation 4 next year. Monster Hunter World was announced during Sony's E3 2017 press conference, and now, details regarding the game are starting to drop like giant dino turds. Let's have a good sniff, shall we?

First off, it sounds like the title is basically open world. There are no loading screens when moving between different locations, and even the monsters can roam freely around the map. A "living and breathing" ecosystem is also promised, meaning that we'll supposedly see predators stalking their prey out in the wild. A full day and night cycle is present, too. Smells good so far, doesn't it?

As you'd expect, Monster Hunter World will feature multiplayer. The game's going for a "seamless" drop-in, drop-out experience so that friends can dive straight into the action together. What's more, the title's getting a simultaneous worldwide release - a first for the series - and Western players will be able to team up with Japanese players thanks to cross-region play.

So yeah, promising stuff. We'll no doubt be seeing more of Monster Hunter World in the near future, but are you excited? Become the hunter in the comments section below.