Timeline Content Push Square

Earlier this year we launched our new Push Square layout and we couldn't be happier with it. One of our goals was to better spotlight the breadth of content that we create every single day, without it obstructing general news consumption – and we reckon that we've done an excellent job. However, some regular readers commented that you'd rather have an option to see all of the content posted in chronological order in one place.

Well, we're happy to deliver. You'll now find a Timeline link at the top of the Latest News section on the homepage. Visiting this page will give you exactly what you asked for: a list of the latest content ordered in chronological order. You can still filter by day if you like, but by default you're just going to get a basic list of all of our articles to browse. Who says we don't listen to feedback, eh?

If you're visiting the site several times a day and prefer this format, then simply update your bookmarks to favour this link. Hopefully you'll find this feature useful!