Perhaps the biggest criticism that's been levelled at PlayStation VR since launch is that the PlayStation Move controllers just aren't up to snuff. While they're fine for general play, pretty much anyone that's messed around in virtual reality will have noticed some wobble from time to time. This occurs when the PlayStation Camera is not able to exactly identify where the wands are in 3D space.

But it looks like Sony's sneakily patched the issue with the PlayStation 4's latest system software. Using mixed reality, iWaggle 3D VR has been able to articulately demonstrate how much more stable the motion controllers are with firmware update 4.50 – the difference is enormous. While there is still a teensy amount of wobble occurring, the tracking is clearly significantly improved.

This all comes in addition to enhancements to the headset's Cinematic Mode – which looks considerably clearer to us – as well as the incorporation of 3D Blu-ray support. All in all, apart from that pesky Notificiations Menu, this has proved a welcome update then, eh?