Those of you who have been keeping track will know that Final Fantasy XV's first downloadable content episode launches on the 28th March, but that's not all Square Enix has planned for this month. Detailed in the video that we've embedded above, the game's March update will - at long last - make improvements to the title's infamous Chapter 13. Noctis' powers will be enhanced, and you'll apparently get to play as Gladio as he and Ignis search for their lost prince.

The update also promises a number of additions outside of Chapter 13. The trailer shows Noctis and the gang scaling especially high structures while riding chocobos, and right at the end, we see the protagonist take on the dreaded adamantoise with what looks like a deadly new spell. If this turns out to be a far easier way to take the monster down, then we already feel sorry for those of you who spent hours of your lives chipping away at its health bar.

Now look, it's admirable that Square Enix is still supporting Final Fantasy XV - but we can't help but feel that this is too little, too late. So many great games have released since Final Fantasy XV launched last year, and going back to it now just to scale some large rocks on the back of chocobos seems crazy.

The publisher is clearly desperate to turn this into some sort of live, constantly evolving project - but does anyone really care at this point? Let us know in the comments section below.