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With Mass Effect: Andromeda securing a March release date, we should be hearing a lot more about BioWare's latest over the next couple of months - and it's about bloody time, if you ask us. Anyway, one aspect that we're eager to hear more about is the title's multiplayer offering. As regular readers will know, this particular scribe was a massive fan of the third game's co-op component, so we're happy to report that Andromeda's beta may be launching before January is over.

Over on Twitter, lead designer Ian Frazier told one fan that the "odds are good" when asked whether the beta will see the light of day this month. As far as we're aware, said beta will be available across all platforms, including PlayStation 4. Sign ups for the beta took place late last year, but we could potentially see BioWare releasing a public test before the full game launches. At this point, though, we're just hoping that the multiplayer is up to scratch.

Did you apply for the beta? Are you looking forward to the inevitable info dump when it launches? Grab a squad and take cover in the comments section below.