Battlefield 1 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Battlefield 1 is one of the games that's supposed to support the PlayStation 4 Pro at launch, and given its profile in the PS4's catalogue, it's also one that a lot of adopters are looking forward to. But launch day has arrived, and there's still some uncertainty regarding whether the title has been updated or not. There's certainly nothing in its patch notes.

Comparison videos already exist for the game on PS4 Pro, but they look virtually identical, raising questions about whether support for the super-charged system has been implemented at all. Some claim that the title runs better on the new console, sticking more rigidly to its 60 frames-per-second target, though it's unclear if this is a placebo effect.

DICE, meanwhile, is saying that it can't talk about the PS4 Pro due to an NDA – despite the console being readily available today. Some speculate that its marketing arrangement with Microsoft is preventing it from flaunting what will, undoubtedly, be the best console version of the game. Bizarrely, FIFA 17 is yet to be updated either – even though it was on display at a recent Sony event.

Whatever the case, EA Games needs to come out and make a comment about Battlefield 1 soon. If the minuscule improvements that are being offered by the PS4 Pro right now are all that the publisher plans to implement, then that would be a grave disappointment. But with launch day here and people already purchasing the console, it simply must firm up its stance.