Jack Cooper is Titanfall 2's lead character, and from where we're sitting, he's just about as generic as protagonists come. Voiced by Troy Baker and sporting rough yet stylish facial hair, let's just say that we don't think he'll be remembered as an iconic video game hero. That said, he does have one reasonably unique attribute in that he's best friends with a big robot who sounds like Optimus Prime. With any luck, the chemistry between the two will keep the title's single player campaign ticking along.

And that's what the latest trailer's all about, as we see Jack and his mechanical bro risking their lives for each other. Well, we say lives - we assume that old Optimus over there can be put back together by a team of engineers if he gets blown to pieces. Think Ultra Magnus on the junk planet in the 1986 Transformers movie.

Are you looking forward to Titanfall 2? Can a Titan feel pain? Can a Titan feel love? Try to land one in the comments section below.