Aaaaand here we are. It's been roughly two days since the PlayStation 4 Pro was announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting, and it's reasonably safe to say that opinions are divided. For some, the Pro is exactly what they expected, while others are a little disappointed that it isn't something more. Naturally, this means that we have to conduct a poll to determine how things stand.

We've also included polls that ponder whether you already own a PS4, and what you think of the now officially revealed PS4 Slim. We reckon that the results are going to make for some interesting reading.

As always, cast your votes, and then let us know your thoughts, positive or negative, in the comments section below.

Do you own a PS4? (422 votes)

  1. Yes, I have a PS4 already94%
  2. No, I don't own a PS46%

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Will you be buying a PS4 Slim? (416 votes)

  1. Yes, definitely5%
  2. Maybe, not sure yet9%
  3. No, I don't have any plans to buy a Slim86%

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Will you be buying a PS4 Pro? (428 votes)

  1. Yes, without a doubt29%
  2. Maybe, I don't know yet27%
  3. No, I won't be buying a Pro44%

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