DriveClub was intended as a showpiece for the PlayStation 4, so it stands to reason that DriveClub VR will occupy the same role for PlayStation VR. Officially announced this week – after several sizeable leaks – the platform holder's showing the racer on the Gamescom 2016 show floor, and PlayStation Access has managed to go hands on with the demo.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it looks bloody brilliant. You can examine your car in virtual reality before beginning a race, enabling you to get up and close with every lovingly modelled component. And while you won't be able to smell the leather upholstery – Ubisoft's got a solution for that – the presenter in this video points out just how natural it feels to play a racing game with PlayStation VR.

But perhaps most impressive is how good it all looks. DriveClub is obviously well known for its incredible presentation, and it doesn't look like too much detail has been lost in the transition to virtual reality. The proof will, of course, be in the pudding later this year – and we really can't wait to take this for a test drive.