It was accidentally announced weeks ago in Japan, but DriveClub VR has now officially been revealed for release this year. The exclusive racer – based upon Evolution Studios' original – has been re-built specifically with virtual reality in mind, including new modes, tracks, and features. The headline here is perhaps those five fresh "urban locations", which we're sure that we'll learn more about soon.

The game will include 80 vehicles, which you'll be able to investigate in full detail via the new Inspect Mode. Other added options include Cruise Mode, which will allow you to drive around tracks at your own leisure in virtual reality, and Passenger Mode, which will enable you to ride shotgun with some of the game's best players as they set some serious hot laps.

Exciting stuff, then? There's no comment on how much the game will cost or when it will release just yet – we're assuming that it'll come after PlayStation VR's planned 13th October launch, as the publisher's not committed to a date just yet. It's similarly unclear how much involvement the shuttered Evolution Studios has had; director Paul Rustchynsky hinted that the studio was involved when this leaked, so we'll need to wait for more information.

Exciting to finally get confirmation of this, though.