DriveClub PS4 PlayStation 4 1

DriveClub never made the PlayStation 4's launch as intended, but DriveClub VR will be ready in time for the release of PlayStation VR on 13th October. The date was accidentally announced on the Japanese PlayStation Blog today, but the post has since been pulled – presumably because Sony intended to reveal this simultaneously around the world.

Interestingly, it's being developed by Evolution Studios, the team which was shuttered earlier in the year. Paul Rustchynsky, the game's endearing director, confirmed on NeoGAF today that the virtual reality release has been created by the original DriveClub team, but it's unclear how when the developer was closed down in March. He added that the title will feature new tracks, too.

It's a weird but exciting turn of events. Rustchynsky has been unable to elaborate further today, but has promised that all will be revealed soon. It means that the much-loved Evolution Studios will get the send-off that its rich history deserves, though – one final hurrah for a developer who gave PlayStation fans so much.

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