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Well, here's an exciting headline: FuturLab – the Brighton-based outfit behind Velocity, Velocity 2X, Surge, and the agonisingly underrated Coconut Dodge – is busy beavering away on a PlayStation VR game. The title – which won't be ready for launch – was announced at the Develop conference in Brighton this week, with the studio citing its long-running relationship with Sony as one of the motivations behind the project.

The firm's keeping its lips pressed with regards to any specifics about the experience, though it did say on Twitter that it's looking "utterly gorgeous" and that "fans of our work will be delighted". The developer's perhaps best known for its tight arcade gameplay, so it will be interesting to see how it transitions its ideals to virtual reality. It's already whipped up some impromptu graphics for the game, though, suggesting that it will be powered 'Anti-Vom' technology for comfortable gaming.

We haven't written about FuturLab for ages, so it's nice to know that the company's been quietly beavering away on new projects behind the scenes. Velocity 2X really was something special, so we can't wait to see what it's got in store.

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