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Telltale's episodic output thus far could be confidently filed in the single player drawer, but the company's trying to change that notion with its upcoming Batman series. According to ShackNews, the title will boast a new feature named Crowd Play, which will enable onlookers to vote on major narrative decisions in the game.

The mode will work a little like the Jackbox games: a unique URL will be generated for each game, and you'll then be able to share that with the people around you – or presumably an audience on, say, Twitch. Said website will then allow participants to interact directly with the game, voting on key plot points as they occur.

It's a nice idea, then, for those who want to get social with a typically story-driven experience – either locally or online. Telltale's said that this feature may be implemented into its future games if it proves popular, which we're confident that it will. Should take the pressure off in The Walking Dead: Season 3, eh?