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A rumour popped up earlier today claiming that Sony is planning on publishing Persona 5 in Europe. The source of the rumour was spotty at best, and we can't even find the origin of it right now, but none of that really matters since Atlus PR manager John Hardin has debunked the hopeful whispers.

"Sorry Europe, but once again, rumors gonna rume. Don't believe them," Hardin wrote on Twitter. As European Persona fans will no doubt know, the super stylish role-playing game has a release date in Japan, and is supposedly due out in North America later this year. However, any kind of official European launch window has yet to be confirmed. Classic Atlus.

Although clearly unfounded, it's a bit of a shame that this rumour didn't have some truth to it. As it stands, we're always banging on about how Sony would do well to put some of its weight behind Persona 5, but we're yet to see it really happen. Here's hoping the title shows up at the company's E3 2016 press conference.

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