Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

PlayStation 3

  • JP 15th Sep 2016
  • US 4th Apr 2017
  • EU 4th Apr 2017
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Persona 5 News

  • News Persona 5 Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Striking Blood Red Artwork

    Hearts, stolen

    Five years ago today (at the time of writing), on the 15th September 2016, Persona 5 released in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. We had honestly forgotten that it was a PS3 game! To celebrate the occasion, Atlus has released some striking new artwork from the series' immensely talented character designer, Shigenori...

  • News Rocking Persona 5 Trailer Kicks Things Up a Notch Ahead of Launch

    Now it's personal

    As if we needed to get any more excited for Persona 5's launch in just a few weeks, Atlus has released a rocking new trailer that's packed with gameplay and rad beats. As always, the title looks great, and we're now really starting to wonder whether 2017 will end up going down in history as one of the best years for games in...

  • News All of Persona 5's DLC Will Be Heading West

    Phantom thievery

    Unsurprisingly, all of Persona 5's downloadable content will be making its way West following the game's release on the 4th April. European publisher Deep Silver has confirmed as much over on Twitter, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't be missing out on all that premium clutter Japan got last year. We say clutter,...

  • News Persona 5's Soundtrack Is as Brilliant as You'd Expect

    Get up, get out there

    The Persona series has some of the best, most memorable music in gaming - and we're not sure many people would argue with us on that one. Typically melding catchy beats with various singing styles, veteran composer Shoji Meguro always delivers the goods, and unsurprisingly, his work on Persona 5 doesn't seem to disappoint...

  • News Persona 5's Haru Drinks Tea and Kicks Arse in New Character Trailer

    Befitting of a lady

    The prim and proper Haru is the star of your latest Persona 5 character trailer, as she sips tea and shoots shadows in the face. She's also fond of a pretty large axe that she likes to swing around with some force, so she's a party member that you don't want to mess with - even if her somewhat snooty Phantom Thief costume...

  • News Futaba's Got Your Back in Latest Persona 5 Character Trailer

    Clever girl

    Atlus has released another Persona 5 character trailer, this time introducing the tech-headed Futaba. Much like Persona 3's Fuuka and Persona 4's Rise, Futaba acts as something of a guide as you delve into dungeons, passing along handy information and dishing out buffs to your party during battle. Basically, she's the brains of the...

  • PSX 2016 Persona 5 English Story Trailer Calls Upon Its Inner Self

    Personal business

    The trailers just refuse to stop today, and now the Phantom Thieves are getting in on the act. Atlus has revealed an English Persona 5 story trailer that gives a relatively vague overview of the role-playing release's narrative. It's all about your inner self and that, innit. Persona 5 is due to launch in April next year, but are...

  • News Persona 5 Throws Out Two More English Character Trailers

    Getting the party started

    [youtube: UWx-l1Xf60A] Atlus has released not one, but two new character trailers for Persona 5, meaning that we've now almost heard what the entire Phantom Thief party sounds like in English. First up is the rather fiery Makoto, whose Persona transforms into a dangerously stylish motorbike, and she has a penchant for...

  • News Persona 5 Snatches Dual Audio on PS4, PS3 as Free DLC

    Turning Japanese

    Persona 5's been delayed. Yeah, we're disappointed, too - but at least it seems like Atlus is trying to release the very best game that it can here in the West. Case in point: the role-playing title will now feature dual audio as free downloadable content, meaning that you'll be able to play the game with either the English dub or...

  • News Persona 5 Gets Delayed Until April on PS4, PS3

    Back into the shadows

    Bah. There was a rumour earlier this week saying that Persona 5 would be slapped with a delay here in the West, but the source wasn't something that we could base a report on. Sadly, that doesn't matter anymore, because Atlus has now confirmed that the role-playing release really has been delayed in both North America and...

About The Game

Beneath the veneer of typical urban high school life, a group of teenagers mask their mysterious alter egos, their "phantom thief" side. Who are they? Why are they dressed as such? What are their motives? And... why are they being pursued? A picaresque coming-of-age story, Persona 5 will bring a thrilling, new twist to the RPG genre!