World of Final Fantasy PS4 PlayStation 4 Vita 1
Tasty artwork

The deluge of Final Fantasy games continues, as Square Enix has attached a release date to chibi spin-off World of Final Fantasy ahead of E3 2016. The game – which is set to release on the PlayStation 4 and Vita – will bring a bit of colour to your PlayStation platform of choice from 25th October in North America and 28th October in Europe.

This one is very much designed with new players in mind, though Reynn and Lann's sojourn will be filled with familiar faces, so it may capture the attention of series veterans as well. Essentially, you'll find yourself journeying through the realm of Grymoire, searching for memories and raising creatures who'll fight by your side in battle.

Some of the story elements in the trailer are utter bunk, but we do rather like the artstyle, and its stripped back RPG mechanics may make it a fun timewaster – especially on Sony's handheld.

Are you going gaga over this entry-level adventure, or is Final Fantasy XV the only feast that you can think about right now? Act cute in the comments.

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