Media Molecule PlayStation 4 1

Do you remember Hideo Kojima's recent worldwide tour? The auteur picked up a lot of tips for the running of his own independent studio, and he's modelling it on Media Molecule. Speaking with Game Reactor, the veteran revealed all about the new Kojima Productions, which is working on a PlayStation 4 exclusive under the Sony umbrella.

"We aim to make a kind of small, intimate type of studio, and I felt like Media Molecule in London is quite similar to what I'm trying to make," he revealed. The legendary developer explained that he expects his team's size to be less than 100 people, and he wants to shun Japanese development culture, whereby men rule the workplace in a militaristic manner.

"At Media Molecule, it looks like the kitchen is the most important part," he said. "And there are many female people working, too." This is something that Kojima feels helps create a "very, very familiar feeling, and that is what I want to create". In other words, he wants his studio to feel like one big happy family. And who wouldn't after several decades under the iron grip of Konami?