Half finished

Gran Turismo Sport is only 50 per cent complete. Well, that's according to a questionable comment made during today's unveil livestream. While the PlayStation 4 exclusive certainly doesn't look as poor as some online pundits are making out, Polyphony Digital has raised the bar for racing games with each successive console generation, so some are understandably miffed by today's disappointing trailer.

But apparently that's because the game's still early – despite it being in development for at least two or so years now. If the game is indeed only half complete, then the Japanese developer has just six months to finish it, because the simulation racer's due out on 15th November. The legendary firm is allegedly iterating fast, so let's just hope that it can get the game up to speed before launch.

[source News: Live: Watch the Gran Turismo Sport Unveiling Right Here]