the banner saga 2 ps4.jpg

Hurrah, PlayStation enthusiasts won't have to wait two years for The Banner Saga 2! The lovely looking strategy role-playing game launched on PC in March, but unlike the previous title, which took around 24 months to come consoles, the sequel will find its way to Sony's system within a reasonable amount of time.

"We are happy that we were able to create a development schedule where the console version of The Banner Saga 2 could come out shortly after the PC version," stated John Watson, developer Stoic's technical director. He added: "Although our team size dictated what we could do with the first release, we knew that a two year wait for the sequel was just not acceptable, so we worked extremely hard to ensure that console gamers could continue their journey in a timely fashion." We're certainly glad that's the case this time around.

Have you tried your hand at The Banner Saga? Are you looking forward to this sequel? Crack your favourite axe against the comments section below.