ps4 slant.jpg

Bloody hell, it's all kicking off today isn't it? Following Giant Bomb's earlier leak and probable confirmation of the existence of the PS4K, our pals over at Digital Foundry have stepped into the fray, backing up the claims and stating that they've also got their hands on the leaked technical documents. In short, everything that's been reported on is 100 per cent factual, according to the aforementioned publication.

Digital Foundry shares a few extra details, however, including the tasty titbit that prototype PS4K development kits are already on their way to studios around the globe, and that they'll be followed by a debug model shortly after. Supposedly, Sony will then be sending out another test kit in June. We reckon that you'll be seeing PS4K on store shelves by the end of the year if this all turns out to be correct. Exciting times.

The PS4K, codenamed Neo, will exist along side the current PS4, but will offer boosted software performance and, obviously, 4K functionality. Be sure to click through here if you want the full scoop on Sony's new platform.