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This whole PlayStation 4K lark has been like a bullet train: we're already sick of writing about it and you've expressed your dissatisfaction regarding our regular posts about it. But it's kinda come out of nowhere, right? Well, we've been thinking about the hypothetical hardware half-step for a few days now – obvs – and we've finally put our finger on a niggle: the console's been under our nose all along.

Yes sir, we reported on off-the-cuff comments made by Netflix chief Neil Hunt all the way back in February 2015, where he said that Sony had "promised" his company a 4K capable PS4 eons ago. In fact, other parts of the press picked up on the slip and went one further, claiming that the refreshed system would arrive in the fall of that same year. Obviously that didn't happen, but it sounds like this has been in the pipeline for a while.

In fact, if you really do some digging, the platform holder's even mentioned it in interviews. Late last year, Sony suit Masayasu Ito said that an enhanced system could happen – but he stopped short of delving into any specific details. As this author's been saying for a while, the platform holder's been anything but reactionary this generation, so if it's going ahead with the PS4K, it'll have been part of the plan all along.

The big challenge now, of course, may be convincing everyone else to get on board with the idea