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Veterans of this website will know that it's rarely been as positive as it is now. Sony, in the pre-PlayStation 4 era, had a tendency to take one step forward and two steps back. Think about it: for every The Last of Us there was a Starhawk; for every forward-thinking initiative like PlayStation Plus there was an ill-fated 3D-esque push. Heck, the PlayStation Vita provided perhaps the biggest instance of the Japanese giant's self-destructive style; many praised the portable's price tag when it was announced, but then the manufacturer revealed those ridiculous memory cards and all of the goodwill was gone in a flash.

I've been waiting for things to go wrong with the PS4 since it was revealed. The announcement event went incredibly well, I thought, but I expected things to go south at E3 later that year. They didn't. I assumed that the hardware would be faulty when it eventually hit store shelves. Minor issues with DualShock 4 durability aside, it wasn't. The sales have been good, Sony's attitude has been generally good – heck, I even think that the first-party content has been decent. The company hasn't really put a foot wrong.

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I'm going to get pulled up soon, I'm sure; I bet you're all waiting to jump into the comments and tell me I'm a fanboy, aren't you? Whatever. The point is that PlayStation 3 era Sony got a lot wrong: it misread the market with motion controls, it misread the market with handheld gaming, and it misread the market with the monolithic monstrosity of a machine that it put out in the first place. But even with the formal announcement of PlayStation VR last week – a potential banana skin, for sure – it navigated the pricing issues with grace.

And that means the scepticism that used to lead me to believe that PlayStation was one mistake away from completely crumbling has now gone – I trust the division under the leadership of Andrew House et al. And it's why I'm not really worried about these PS4.5 rumours. I can't say that I'm anywhere close to being convinced by a hypothetical hardware half-step – I alluded recently that I think it's a bad idea. Now, my viewpoint on that hasn't changed, but PlayStation's been so flawless of late that it's earned the benefit of the doubt.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm no longer waiting for this current PlayStation team to slip-up, because they've proven over and over again that – with the big decisions – they're generally going to get them right. Everyone fails eventually, but where the PS3 years left me sceptical of everything that Sony announced, I feel more optimistic these days. Maybe the PS4.5 will be the unmitigated disaster that rekindles my old mind-set, but in the meantime, I'm actually quite enthusiastic about what the future brings. And if that's an upgraded piece of hardware, then I know that there's a good chance House and his team will be making the right call.

Are you still incredibly sceptical of Sony's decisions, or do you agree that it's earned the benefit of the doubt for now? Pick a side in the comments section below.