Rocket League PS4 PLayStation 4 1

Vehicular soccer sensation Rocket League will boost to retail stores in the near future, developer Psyonix has announced. The news was teased on a Kinda Funny livestream, before being officially announced on the game's Facebook page. The developer said that more details will follow soon, including who it's partnering with and what content the package will include. It promised to make the boxed release "special", however.

Speaking on the aforementioned stream, vice president Jeremy Dunham added that the title's sold over 10 million units across all platforms now – but those numbers do include PlayStation Plus giveaways. Irrespective, that's an absolutely gigantic figure for a game of this scale. And the best part about it all is that it enables us to say that we told you so… Oh, alright – we probably can't keep bringing this up, can we?