MLB 15 The Show PS4 PlayStation 4 Accessible Games

Gaming is a pastime that anyone can enjoy, but not every release takes into account players with disabilities. While the PlayStation 4 does now allow users to reassign buttons at an operating system level – thus making titles more accessible to everyone – the Able Gamers charity is still eager to recognise those releases that are designed with as many people as possible in mind.

And headlining its awards for most accessible games of the year this time are PS4 favourites Rocket League and MLB 15: The Show. Of the former, it commended Psyonix for allowing players to reassign all of the game's controls, while also employing colour blind-friendly colours and plenty of visual indicators. It also pointed to the PC version's mouse controls, which allow the game to be played with one hand.

As for Sony San Diego's uber-popular baseball sim, it was commended for its visual accessibility, as well as its dynamic difficulty setting, which adapts based upon performance. Sadly, it concluded that while strides had been made to make many games more accessible, some mainstream releases "failed in every regard". It's an area that major publishers should be committing more resources to, then.