RIME PS4 details.jpg

Oh RIME, we remember when you broke our heart by looking incredibly promising all the way back at GamesCom 2013 - and then you all but disappeared into the void for two years. For what feels like an eternity, people have been wondering just what the heck has happened to the PlayStation 4 exclusive with its notable absence at numerous press conferences being a worrying sign - but this disappointing trend may not last much longer.

Over on Twitter, developer Tequila Works says that it has "things to tell really soon" with regards to the game. With any luck, this means that we'll get a new trailer or something equally substantial in the near future. Such a showing would certainly coax a sigh of relief from us at least, as it means we'd no longer have to write filler articles based on the vaguest crumbs of information.

Are you desperate to hear more about RIME? Feel free to rhyme Rime with "it's about bloody time" in the comments section below.

[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]