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Epic Games was under Microsoft's rein with the Gears of War franchise for several years, but they've since been rather low key working on several projects such as the PC-exclusive survival game Fortnite. So it's interesting to see that they've partnered up with Sony to bring an exciting, third-person MOBA to PlayStation 4 called Paragon.

Taking inspiration from the fun Epic Games' team has had with MOBAs of all sorts, they aim to bring a deeply strategic title that emphasizes intense teamwork and coordination. The trailer indicates that 10 characters, ranging from a pistol dual-wielding soldier with cybernetic arms to a graceful archer with a deadly bow, will go head-to-head in 5v5 battles, complete with all the MOBA elements you'd expect such as minions, lanes, and towers to destroy at both ends of the map. With an emphasis on futuristic armour, abilities, and weaponry, this cross-play (with PC) title looks like it will attempt to be one of the most visually stunning MOBAs to date, and you can look forward to "online testing in January, followed by paid Early Access in Spring, and Open Beta in Summer 2016."

Does this brave attempt for Epic Games to branch out catch your eye, perhaps as a League of Legends or SMITE player? Or are you under the impression that this looks generic in terms of character designs and won't stand out like other MOBAs? Gank on each other in the comments section below.

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