tekken hwoarang stunt.jpg

It's a thought that's crossed our minds more than once while playing a fighting game: are some of these moves actually that effective in real life? Obviously, some of them aren't - like Devil Jin's laser eye beams - but what about some of the more realistic styles?

One of Tekken's taekwondo specialists, Hwoarang's moveset literally relies on his ability to kick the crap out of his opponent. But how does such an agile form of self-defence look in reality? Step forward professional stuntman Eric Jacobus.

Going through almost every move in Hwoarang's training list, Jacobus copies each kick impressively accurately. All in all, it's just rather cool to see the game side by side with real life - the whole thing's well worth a watch.

[source eventhubs.com, via kotaku.com]