It's nice to be talking about Bloodborne again, isn't it? There's always a worry that games that launch earlier in the year get forgotten by the end, but Sony couldn't have timed the title's Old Hunters expansion any better if it wanted the release to win a few awards. And with the add-on now just days away, it's also deployed a gigantic 9.37GB patch to get you in the mood.

The update – as announced earlier in the month – does more than lay the DLC foundations for From Software's brutal but brilliant PlayStation 4 exclusive, however. Indeed, it also includes The League, which is a new component which will allow you to aid others in order to move up an online leaderboard. Furthermore, the patch will contain tweaks to the Chalice Dungeons and online matchmaking.

As for The Old Hunters itself, that will include ten new weapons and three new areas, which you'll be able to access on an existing save once you've purchased the £15.99/$19.99 add-on. Expect there to be tons of secrets and Easter eggs, too, which we hope to explore in full when we bring you our review next week.

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