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If you're a Crucible addict or you're currently sitting on the fence regarding upcoming expansion The Taken King, then you may be happy to learn that Bungie's announced a free event which will let you try out Destiny's new multiplayer modes and maps next week.

From the 8th September - the day patch 2.0 drops - to the 14th September, the 'Crucible Preview Event' will be live and waiting for you to fill it full of bullets. Once it's over, the new maps and modes will only be available to those who own The Taken King - in other words, this is a clever way of advertising the shooter's new content.

Still, it might be worth checking out if you're tempted by the add-on, or if you're just looking for some free multiplayer fun. It won't hurt to mention, though, that you'll need to download the title's 20GB update in order to take part in all of this.

Will you be diving into the Crucible next week, then? Take your best shotgun into the comments section below.