destiny ttk.png

According to Bungie, Destiny's update 2.0 marks the beginning of the shooter's second year. The patch will be available on the 8th September - that's a week before The Taken King launches - and it'll be around 20GB in size. It'll bring an absolute ton of changes to the game, and we'll likely see the full patch notes in the near future - but until then, all that you need to know is that it's a mandatory download.

Indeed, if you want to keep playing Destiny after the update lands, your hard drive's going to need to adopt all 20GB of it. In other words, prepare for lengthy bouts of downloading, and make sure that you've got enough room on your machine. Alternatively, if you're done and dusted with your Guardian's sci-fi adventures, you'll probably want to uninstall the title so that an automatic download of the patch doesn't go ahead and eat up a chunk of your storage space when you're not looking.

Are you excited for the Destiny's biggest set of alterations so far? What'll you be doing once the update's found a home on your console? Marvel at the new levelling system with us in the comments section below.