Fallout 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony's been signing deals left and right since the start of this generation, locking down exclusive incentives for its system. However, one release that it's failed to partner with is irradiated role-playing game Fallout 4, which seems to be sitting not-so subtly in Xbox's camp. Does that mean that the Redmond firm will be giving PlayStation 4 fans a taste of their own medicine, then?

No, because Bethesda has confirmed that there'll be no timed exclusive content in any versions of the apocalyptic adventure – you'll get the same amount of stuff to do wherever you decide to play. To be honest, this is refreshing to hear; we understand why DLC deals exist, but we're not especially fond of them – even when the PlayStation maker's pulling the strings.

There will, of course, be expansions for the escapade, but it's safe to assume that they'll launch simultaneously across all systems. It's not hard, is it?

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