destiny stream sword.png

Right, so they've been basically confirmed for a while, but during yesterday's Destiny livestream, Bungie finally showed off some swords. Categorised as heavy weapons, these blades will require purple ammunition to 'charge' them, but they look cool enough to be worth the trouble.

These instruments of death aren't like most of your usual armaments, though, due to the fact that you won't be able to find them as random loot drops. Instead, you'll have to 'forge' them through a series of quests - probably not unlike the objectives that already exist for various other exotic weapons.

The swords boast their own unique perks, and they control a lot like the Hive blades that are currently present in the sci-fi shooter. As such, unsheathing your sword unsurprisingly shifts the camera to a third-person perspective, so they should prove to be a popular choice for players who like seeing their Guardian in all of their glory.

Do you think that swords are an awesome addition, or are you struggling to care? Hack and slash your way into the comments section below.