Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation 3 PS3

You could argue that Sony supported the PlayStation 3 too long. Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog both released big games for the console during the year of the PlayStation 4's release, and the likes of Gran Turismo 6 deployed after the new-gen device. Unsurprisingly, that decision had a negative impact on the latter's sales, as ongoing litigation between Sony and flooring company VIRAG has revealed that the sixth instalment has sold just 2.37 million copies to date.

While that would be a reasonable number for most other brands, the Gran Turismo series is historically the Japanese giant's best performer – with mainline entries averaging around 10 million sales per instalment. The franchise as a whole has shifted 72.6 million units to date, which should give you a rough idea of its popularity. Of course, time will tell as to whether this is just a blip, or a sign of the series losing its grip. Given the popularity of the PS4 in Europe, we reckon that the inevitable Gran Turismo 7 will be gigantic – assuming that it's good, of course.