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Everyone always seems to remember the licensed radio tracks from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas whenever the series' audio is brought up, but we'd argue that the original soundtracks actually stole the show from time to time. Both titles sported very haunting scores that really captured the dusty, abandoned feel of their respective wastelands, and as such, we can't wait to hear Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic melodies.

Once again, amazingly named composer Inon Zur is handling the musical side of things, and it sounds like he's going to be taking the score in strange new directions. "I walk in my garden and basically hammer on things," says Zur, commenting on his audio experimentation. "I cruelly exploit the piano by hitting the strings with open hands and even biting the strings," he adds.

Of course, the game's soundtrack won't just consist of Zur hitting objects that are scattered around his home - he's seeking to blend unorthodox methods with traditional instrumentation to create a score that ties in with Fallout's scenery and tone. The title's main theme, for example, mixes emotional piano playing with orchestral instruments that build up as it goes on. "It's the signature of Fallout [...] you start from the bleak and you go to the hope. Very simplistic but works like a charm every time," Zur explains.

For reference, you can listen to Fallout 4's main theme through here. Give it an ear, and let us know how you think it sounds in the comments section below.

[source bethesda.net]