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Starting this week, you'll have the option to vote for your next PlayStation Plus freebie. The process, which will begin on 13th August and run until 24th August, will see you selecting from three forthcoming PlayStation 4 titles, and the one that earns the most votes will be added to the Instant Game Collection in September. The two losing games will still secure discounts at launch, so there's plenty to look forward to.

Never one to shy away from a cheap and cheerful feature, we figured that we'd hold our own poll here on Push Square to gauge interest in the three games up for grabs in this inaugural event. We've even taken the opportunity to outline a little more information about the trio of titles, so that you know exactly what you're voting for. Without further ado, then, here are the games – and you'll find your ballot papers below.

Armello PS4 PlayStation Plus


Board games are back in vogue right now, and that makes Armello an easy fit for the Instant Game Collection. In development at Australian outfit League of Geeks, the title promises a heady mix of tactical card play, tabletop strategy, and role-playing – all glued together by a dark fantasy theme. You'll spend your time here completing quests and facing off against other players, with your ultimate goal to become king or queen.

Grow Home PS4 PlayStation Plus

Grow Home

Created by Driver developer Ubisoft Reflections, Grow Home is out of the British studio's usual wheelhouse. You play as B.U.D., a 'bot with the ability to sprout plants. With a procedural animation system, this Nintendo 64-inspired platformer is all about old-fashioned exploration, as you attempt to oxygenate your homeworld and harvest seeds. With a sharp artstyle and plenty of critical acclaim already behind it, this is a safe pick.

Zombie Vikings PS4 PlayStation Plus

Zombie Vikings

A four-player brawler with a killer sense of humour, Zombie Vikings is a real dark – ahem – Norse in the first ever Vote to Play contest. In development at Stick It to the Man maker Zoink Games, this title has a surprisingly strong story, but its co-op mechanics are what truly set it apart. While you'll be free to play alone, buddying up will allow you to combine corpses like the Constructicons, crushing any and all enemies that stand in your way.

Well, those are your choices, so now it's time for you to make up your mind. Which freebie will be selecting? Register your vote in the poll, and tell us what you selected and why in the comments section below.

Which PS4 freebie will you be voting for? (134 votes)

  1. Armello22%
  2. Grow Home43%
  3. Zombie Vikings19%
  4. None of them16%

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