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PlayStation Plus' Vote to Play initiative kicks off this week, Sony has announced. Allowing you lot to vote for which game you want to see added to next month's PlayStation Plus line-up, Vote to Play was officially revealed earlier this month.

You'll be able to cast your vote for one of the three following titles: Zombie Vikings, Grow Home, or Armello. The vote will begin this Thursday, the 13th August, at 16:30PM BST, and you'll have until 16:30 PM BST on Monday the 24th August to have your say.

As for actually casting your vote, PlayStation Plus members should be able to find a new 'Vote' option on the PlayStation Store, and under the 'What's New' section on the PlayStation 4. And, if you change your mind somewhere down the line, know that all you have to do is sign back into the PlayStation Network and alter your choice accordingly. Alas, if you're still a bit confused, be sure to watch the second video further down this article.

Exciting stuff, eh? Which game will you be voting for? Which game do you think will win? Demand that others follow your lead in the comments section below.