Rising Thunder is getting a lot of attention right now. The free-to-play fighting game – which is being made by EVO founders Tom and Tony Cannon alongside ex-Capcom veteran Seth Killian – is attempting to make the historically impenetrable genre more accessible, and it could yet point a dragon punch at the PlayStation 4.

The title does away with complex inputs, distilling the brawling to its basest form. With attacks connected to a countdown timer, you'll need to know when to initiate certain manoeuvres rather than how. And for those of you that prefer to play on consoles, developer Radiant Entertainment has hinted that a port could happen in the future.

"Right now the team is focusing on getting the game balanced and working; after that I'm sure that they'll consider console ports," a spokesperson told us, before adding: "But it may be a while!" The game is currently in beta on the PC where it's received a rather warm welcome. Would you like to see this throw a fireball to the PS4? Become a new challenger in the comments section below.