Hori Tactical Assault PS4 Keyboard Mouse Controller

PC elitists love to remind us how they're superior gamers, spending their days updating drivers and replacing their thermal paste. Unfortunately for them, playing on the ol' desktop precludes them from enjoying some of the PlayStation 4's exclusive titles – but they should feel right at home with this licensed Hori controller which replicates the computer experience on console.

Also compatible with the PlayStation 3, this elaborate setup comes with a reprogrammable keyboard and mouse – but instead of your usual WASD nonsense, PlayStation's iconic, er, icons are present instead. The device is due out on 9th October in the UK, where it can be pre-ordered from Amazon for £86.35 (~$134). Steep it may be, but the master race doesn't care about cost – just look at the price of a top-of-the-range graphics card these days.

[source dualshockers.com, via amazon.co.uk]