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There's still some confusion over what Dreams actually is. Media Molecule's brand new project was officially announced at E3 2015 and received a mixed response; the Guildford-based developer was intentionally vague about the title, and that's perhaps resulted in some scepticism around the web. However, it did promise that more information would be revealed at Paris Games Week later in the year – and it sounds like some kind of beta could surface during the event.

"Right now, the team at Media Molecule is working on a beta trial," co-founder Alex Evans told Mashable. "We haven't got the details of when and what, exactly; that's what comes at Paris." He added that the developer decided to announce the game in Los Angeles in order to get its fans thinking: "Even the high-level overview is enough to get our high-level fans absolutely cranking in their own minds about what they want to do."

So, what is it? Evans describes it as the evolution of LittleBigPlanet, in which players can repurpose and remix practically anything that they can imagine. Rather than adopting a hub-like structure with menus, the studio wants you to get lost in a world of creativity. "It's like Wikipedia," he pointed out. "You search for cucumbers and you end up in Ohio farming and then you get to Batman." Essentially, everything in the game is connected and linked.

For example, that polar bear that you saw in the trailer was a model created for one Media Molecule employee's daughter. It was then "borrowed" by another staffer and incorporated into a snowboarding game. Everything created can be shared, remixed, and repurposed – it sounds so extraordinarily ambitious that we're having trouble wrapping our heads around it all. Let's hope that that beta isn't far away then, eh?

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