Just Cause Ce

Introducing a whole new kind of pointless tat is Just Cause 3's recently announced collector's edition, which comes with a replica grappling hook. The device has played a big part in the franchise, with hero Rico Rodriguez using it to cause all kinds of chaos, whether it's hanging from the underside of a jet to closing the distance between himself and armed soldiers. We can understand posing figurines on your shelf or next to your TV, but a replica grappling hook? What's more, the relatively useless lump of plastic was actually voted to be in the collector's edition by fans. We'll never know why.

Fortunately, the rest of the package is decent enough. You'll get a slew of exclusive downloadable content, a 24" by 24" map of the game world, and a 32 page, hardcover artbook. Not bad, but you'll need to slap down a rather hefty $110 to nab it all. Interested? Vote with your wallet in the comments section below.

[source gamespot.com]