Whether it's a weird error message or a bit of a daft prank, don't believe the rumours going around that Dragon Ball XenoVerse has shut down many of its online services. One rumour in particular suggests that the multiplayer lobby, timespace delivery, and auto patrols have been abruptly and permanenty taken offline, but we've found that this simply isn't the case.

The embedded screenshot, which we took just minutes ago, is of our own character standing in a multiplayer lobby populated by dozens of other users - so we know that's working for a start. Likewise, we tested all of the other supposedly canned features, and they all work, too. If this rumour hasn't been fabricated somehow, then we reckon that it's probably just been spawned by some sort of dodgy error message. Either way, XenoVerse is working perfectly well on our end.

Have you stumbled across this apparent service message or is everything going swimmingly? Report for time patrol duty in the comments section below.

[Update] Looks like we were right on this one. Bandai Namco US has since confirmed that the rumoured message is real, but it's an error. In other words, XenoVerse's online functionality isn't being taken apart any time soon.