RIGS PlayStation 4 PS4 Morpheus

Guerrilla isn't just working on Horizon: Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4 – its satellite studio Cambridge is also, as rumoured, busy beavering away on a mech game. However, what we didn't know when we reported on this yesterday is that it will be Project Morpheus compatible – and it actually looks pretty cool.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is a three-versus-three arena shooter, where you pilot a mech in colourful stadiums. The game appears to play much like a first-person shooter, however the twist is that you need to hop through a hoop in the centre of the stage to score. This mechanic appears to bring a sports-like tinge to the action, which is a nifty idea.

The trailer embedded below is, admittedly, a little cringe-worthy – but we're actually quietly curious about this. It's certainly the type of title that Project Morpheus will need to succeed, so hopefully we'll learn more about it soon.

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